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Malabar Advt

Malabar Advertising Industries is one of the pioneers in the field of Outdoor Advertising in Kerala

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Yeo Events

Yeo Events is an Event-Management Team, We are Creating awesome website for Yeo Events to be Live.

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Allegra Fashions

Allegra is a Boutique by Allegra Brand, Here we are doing an Online Shopping for Dubai by allegra customer requirement.


The Online Certificate Verification System, a 24x7 web based certificate verification service allows you to verify certification status under all certificates provided by ellowmedia. This can be used to verify certification details of the student. The details will be useful to verify with the applications made by the students/Staff for employment purpose or admissions.


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Attention To HR & Staffs & Others to verify certificate
The data presented here is based on the official records.

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Ellow Media is a leading Website Designing Company at Calicut,Kerala, We are providing Education, Web Interaction, SEO, Company Branding, Software for our esteemed clients. Our services includes developing impressive and conversion optimized web applications, managing campaigns, popularizing brands or products. Our vision is to be recognized as one of the most effective IT solution provider, with a mission to deliver quality services at affordable prices.

The company’s prime objective is to deliver high-quality services. Ellow media today caters to clients all across the world with web design and marketing services that exceeds beyond their imagination. The journey started around 9 years back and now we become as best web design Company at Calicut. We have an excellent team of web designers that consists of senior and experienced web designers who know very well the world of web design. We are the best SEO service at Calicut. An exciting fact about us is that the clients can communicate directly with our web development and design team and express their ideas and views at each phase of the development process. We work on projects of all types, if you are a small business with a small project, or a big business with a very large project- we have what it takes to bring your projects and web needs to life!

We are Leading SEO Company in Calicut

SEO Service is included In all website packages, Choose Better Package. Dedicated SEO Also Available !

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